Hip Hop music has gone downhill according to a lot of people online I mean that 1990’s real music feeling is lost in over commercialized over faked production we see today. Car’s and money is getting really old now yet it sell’s so artist’s keep producing it and the buying public with little else to choose from lap it up. However there is an exception to this and there are some amazing artist’s that are out there but not promoted heavily either down to a so called conspiracy or not being signed up with the “right” hip hop music company.

Real Hip Hop Music Past

The day’s of the authentic odb or tu pac seem to have passed by and the new offerings although up to the standards of the present offering in music are up there just fill that void we have since the 90’s. For the newer hip hop fan who is wondering what were talking about below are a few of our pick’s of standout hip hop music videos of the 90’s

  1. ODB – a rap god with that raw hip hop feel who saw through the illusion of commercial rap and produced music that cant be defined by business or marketing or reproduced by the less real rapper of today



2. Mobb Deep – A real crew that crossed over into hip hop and gave a taste of the real rawness of street life


3. Big Pun – A lyricist and rhymer unlike any other amazing and real compare this track to todays offerings


That is just a little taste of what is to come part 2 coming soon.