An Israeli company is partnering with several well-known hip hop artists in the United States to market its innovative product—a robot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously grow marijuana plants at home. Seedo’s fully-automated device allows consumers to cultivate cannabis seeds in a special casing and then monitor the plant’s growth via a smartphone application, which notifies the individual when to harvest the product.

“It’s an artificial intelligence algorithm that manages the entire process [of growing] autonomously, which means there is no need for human intervention,” Zohar Levy, CEO of Seedo, explained to The Media Line. He added that the in-home “robot” can also grow fruits and vegetables and is being marketed for personal use in countries worldwide.

“In the unit, there is a camera that takes a snapshot of the plant every few hours and this photo is sent to a command center, whereupon the algorithm analyzes the picture to determine the condition of the plant,” Levy elaborated. “With this information, the AI changes the parameters in the cultivator to maximize [output].”

Seedo currently is working to devise a major North American marketing campaign that will include notable rappers and launch in the coming two months.

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