Milwaukee is launching its first, week-long celebration of hip-hop with Hip-Hop Week MKE.

Sprinkled between concerts and appearances by hip-hop legends like DJ Kool Herc, the week will include talks, a job fair, a health fair and a networking event.

Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey said Hip-Hop Week MKE will serve as a celebration of the rich history of hip-hop elements like DJing, emceeing and break dancing. But it will also address health, financial literacy and civic engagement in the community.

There’s no shortage of entertainment, Rainey said, “But more importantly it’s about taking a platform where people feel comfortable, put these conversations in a voice that they’re familiar with and hope that these messages resonate.”

Terrell Morgan, creative director of the events, said it’s important to deliver these messages where people are.

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